Change this to "How do you think the character feels?" and hang in story corner to facilitate discussions. Might help students elaborate a little on the "good", "bad" and "sad" answers that sometimes lean on. At the bottom, add a "why do you think that" or a "how do you know" to help with inferencing.

Feeling faces are great for little ones that have a hard time finding the right word to describe their emotions. It works great with a feeling journal to help them learn what the feeling is and what the facial features might be in each situation.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Template: Smiley Face

Here& a Smiley Face pumpkin carving stencil to put you in a scary mood. This printable Halloween pumpkin carving stencil will put a fright into trick or treat visitors or smiles on your costume party guests.

I'm sorry smiley face? All I see is Cheshire Cat. Boom. More epic then any smiley face.

Epic smiley face…

Funny pictures about Epic smiley face. Oh, and cool pics about Epic smiley face. Also, Epic smiley face.

Take my heart away.

Heart Smiley

Send your heart with this sweet smiley and tell someone you belong to them!

Purple Smiley-Face | Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Car Tuning & Styling > Exterior Styling ...

WINKING SMILEY FACE STICKER - PURPLE - Novelty / Humorous - 10 cm x 10 cm

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Cool Text Faces | ... » Full List of Yahoo! Smileys or Emoticons for Yahoo Messenger

Full List of Yahoo! Smileys or Emoticons for Yahoo Messenger

A smiley (sometimes simply called a happy or smiling face) is a stylized representation of a smiling humanoid face, an important part of popular culture. Description from I searched for this on

This is how I felt the entire time I watch with Faizon Love, Macy Gray, Tatyana Ali and Mo McCrae. That film was funny as hell, especially the aunt dinner scene.