Soap Bubbles at -9°C (15,8°F). Photos by Angela Kelly. I have to try this :-)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Spectacular Photos of Bubbles Frozen in Frigid Temperatures

Bursting Soap Bubbles Photographed by Fabian Oefner | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Bursting Soap Bubbles photographed by Fabian Oefner. Is this a fair representation of our universe?

Making of “Seifenblase” —

A good tutorial for where light and shadow come into play for see through objects. Light can be broken up into the the different spectrums giving shape to things like this bubble. The fill of different rainbow colors helps us to see the bubble.

Bursting Soap Bubbles Photographed by Fabian Oefner | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

The big semi circle of the half-popped bubble juxtaposed against the tiny, fine particles (circles) create the illusion of movement as we anticipate the entire bubble to vanish into fine particles.

Decent Image Scraps: Animation


Strobist photography is an upcoming genre of photography which involves the use of artificial lights to illuminate an entire picture or a few elements within

Copic Marker Europe: Soap Bubbles Tutorial

I& Cristina Valenzuela , and this is my new tutorial for Copic Europe. It is difficult to find a theme that has not been explai.

"J'aime les fleurs les papillons et les bulles de savon et tout ce qui leur ressemble parmi les hommes " NIETSCHE

I have this new infatuation with soap bubbles. Is that strange? I think i would blow bubbles all day from this bottles of bubble liquid if i could afford one (oh my adorable little teenage fund) (*´∇`*) - House Decorators Collection

who knew bubbles could have this many colors: they're like floating prisms. (november 2013.)

When I was younger I had an Eor (Winnie the pooh) bubble blower. It blew bubbles everywhere just like in this picture and it was my favorite. One day I'll find an Eor bubble blower for my own kids.

Blasen Sie jemand?  Diese Landschaft print erfolgt über Claria Druckfarben und eine wunderbare Premium Epson Matte Papier (beide sind getestet

Bubbles anyone? This landscape print is made using Claria inks and a wonderful Premium Epson matte paper (both of which are tested and