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The Social Security Administration puts millions of Americans at risk for identity theft by putting their full Social Security Numbers on letters sent in the mail. The agency’s inspector general

Thirty-six percent of Social Security recipients are not retired workers, but children, the disabled, or spouses and survivors of workers. Almost one of every six Americans receives a Social Security benefit today.

Got my annual Social Security statement last week, and paid more attention than in years past. Here is a series of inforgraphics from Face The Facts USA on who

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Fast-track disability, money management and language services can make life easier.


You can be eligible for both SSI and social security disability benefits at the same time. In other words, there are times when an individual can be entitled to both SSI and Social Security disability simultaneously.

The next time a Republican tells you that "Social Security is broken", remind them that President Bush "borrowed" $1.37 Trillion of Social Security surplus revenue to pay for his tax cuts for the rich and his war in Iraq... AND NEVER PAID IT BACK.

Republicans don't want to hear the truth. Their brains are fried by Faux Newz. & now republicans want to abolish SS altogether so the money they stole never has to be paid back.

Learn more about 10 common conditions for social security disability claims and see if you may qualify for monthly benefits for your disability.

You can have multiple of these conditions, wait FOUR LONG years & still get denied. I have faith & hope I will get approved when I re-file.

Social Security Disability Process Visualized | Initial Application to Appeals Hearings | Disability Secrets

Social Security Disability Process Explained: Infographic - Initial Application to Appeals Hearings & Disability Secrets

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