Socialthinking - Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Listening to the Teacher Talk

Socialthinking - Social Fortune or Social Fate: A Social Thinking Graphic Novel Map for Social Quest Seekers

some posters and handouts to go with the #Superflex curriculum #autism

Social Thinking (3 of 4)- SUPERFLEX

This Superflex poster colorfully shows the full Team of Unthinkables - from Mean Jean to Energy Hare-y - and how they try to defeat kids'. But Superflex remind us to use our flexible thinking to overcome them!

Expected Behaviors vs. Unexpected Behaviors

Unexpected Behaviors - Could teach children social thinking skills by explaining the expected and unexpected behaviors in any given situation.

Social Thinking home-made cards. Repinned by urban wellness:

Using imagination, imaginary creatures and art to engage children with ASD in work on social and emotional skills. Social Thinking home-made cards, up close

You are a Social Detective with Group Activity Prompts from Encourage Play

You are a Social Detective Book Review and Group Activity Ideas

Social Thinking: Expected/Unexpected Behaviors - YouTube

Social Thinking: Expected/Unexpected Behaviors - YouTube

Do your students have rock brain?  Use some sensory balls and rocks to help your students become more flexible and aware of others' feelings.  A great post if you teach students with special learning needs and social challenges.  Read more at:

How I Use the Social Thinking Curriculum to Teach Flexible Thinking

Do you struggle with teaching your students how to be flexible thinkers? Check out how I use the Superflex curriculum to teach about flexible thinking. - The Autism Vault

Our Social Skills Rubrics will help you take data on difficult social skills so you can track growth & areas of need!! From #theautismhelper

Using Rubrics to Take Data on Social Skills