Styling-Tipps für den Sommertyp: Farben, Kleidung & Make-up - jetzt auf…

Sommertyp: DIESE Farben lassen dich SOFORT besser aussehen!

The smoked otherwise extinguished Summer is neutral and at first glance it is…

Bright Summer (Summer and a mix of bright spring - has clear eyes, blond hair, complexion may have a slightly warm tone, but overall color is cool)

Soft Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u soft summer / Цветотип мягкое лето

Soft Summer Color Palette

Summer and the Universal Colors #universal colors #Summer

Universal Colors

6 Universal Colors sit in the middle of the Color Wheel and look good on just about everyone. There's a version in each color palette so you can make an assured choice whatever your natural coloring

soft summer colors-pin it by carden

I always thought I was a spring, but according to this site I am a cool summer. The pink skintones and natural blonde hair don& lie. Get your colors here.