Ka-Aper, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 5th Dynasty; reign of Userkaf, 2513 – 2506 BC. This is the oldest known life-size wooden statue in ancient Egypt. Carved of sycamore wood, it was discovered at Sakkara in the mastaba tomb of Ka-aper which lies west of the pyramid of Userkaf. It represents a khry-heb (lector priest) named Ka-aper, who is depicted in a realistic style with a neat hair cut, a round face and full cheeks.

2575-2134 BCE – Old Kingdom Art

Fantastic face Oldest Known Life-size Statue Of Ancient Egypt -- BCE -- Dynasty, Reign of Userkaf -- Carved sycamore wood -- Discovered at Sakkara in the tomb of Ka-aper -- Egyptian Museum, Cairo by jolene

Horus by KateMaxpaint.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Sekhmet - "The Powerful" - Ancient Egyptian Goddess. She was the goddess of war and burning sun, the beloved daughter and watchful eye of sun god Ra. She was a protector of pharaohs.

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Bildergebnis für stuhl säntis

Bildergebnis für stuhl säntis