Sun from Soul Eater (gif) the only sun that can scar the shit our of u

Sun from Soul Eater (gif) << I don't know what it is about the sun from Soul Eater, but it makes me want to shoot it in the face. With a rocket launcher.


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Soul Eater Moon Poster by on @deviantART

I had to get up and do something while I was watching the first Soul Eater episode, so I paused it and was like 'Oh! Soul Eater Soul and Maka Alone

Soul Eater x Sailor Moon

Soul Eater x Sailor Moon <<Black Star is most fabulous Sailor Soul Senshi

Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Blue Exorcist, Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Love Stage, Black Butler, and etc....

It all started with fruits basket the ouran highschool host club the black butler. Black butler is my favorite so far

Soul Eater ~~ STEIN!

Anime/manga: Soul Eater Character: Stein and Medusa, scene from opening I just love Stein's face at the end!

Which "Soul Eater" Character Are You? Quiz | PlayBuzz

Which "Soul Eater" Character Are You? Quiz

The famous Soul Eater logo for both the manga and anime