Soul eater Excalibur :-p love it!!! @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Brown Paullus Armstrong Dcclxxvii

FOOL - Soul Eater The most annoying character ever created in the history of all anime

The Amazing Soul Eater Soul's Evil Is Top Left, Good Is Top Right, Witch Bottom Left, And I Think Like A Hero Is Bottom Right.

Soul Eater Souls by LoftyAnchor (Kishins soul, human soul, Arachne's soul, and Maka's soul.

My mother was in the room when the scene came on. She gave me a wielded out expression so drastic, it was as if "2 girls 1 cup" was on. XD

One of my favorites. Soul Eater

Franken Stein @Abbey Adique-Alarcon Adique-Alarcon Sutcliff Haha. It's yo man! Well, besides Grell, of course. XD

Franken Stein Adique-Alarcon Adique-Alarcon Sutcliff Sick of all these people talkin' sick of all this noiz

Death the Kid and Symmetry......... But his hair makes no sense!!!! Haha

Death the Kid and Symmetry. << this post is not symmetrical death the kid is ashamed of you people