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Beach-lover’s guide to St. Martin

Whether you’re looking for a chi-chi beachside bistro or a secluded picnic spot, an adrenaline kick or a sexy place in the sun, you can find it on the beach in French St.

Pinel Island, St. Maarten | A lush oasis of clear water and powdery sand, this Caribbean beach offers food, drinks, relaxation, and activities for the whole family.

One of the beautiful beaches on Pinel Island. We spent 11 days visiting the island of St. Martin in March of 2013 for our.

Island Hopping in St. Thomas and St. Martin on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas! {Cruise Review}

A Week in the Caribbean, Part 1 {St. Thomas, St. Martin}

Thomas is the bargain-shopping bazaar of the Caribbean, with over 400 shops along the Main Street area in Charlotte Amalie and some 50 more in Havensight Mall.


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Mullet Bay in St. Marteen, beautiful beach and wonderful time with my Sister.

Mullet Bay in St. Marteen, beautiful beach and wonderful time with my sister and cousin ;

Secret Beach, Baie Rouge St Martin - best place I have ever traveled to!

Secret beach in Baie Rouge in St Maarten. My foot prints walking into the cove. I got real lucky taking this from my Canon inside the underwater housing. I had to swim thru a small cave to get here!

Cupecoy Beach, St. Martin. Stayed here a few years ago.... Wonderful vacation with great friends!!

St Maarten - St Martin is the smallest island in the world to be shared by two nations. You’ll find Dutch St Maarten to the south and…