Phineaus Grock by Bruce Whistlecraft / Doktor A (Scary looking thing, isn't it?)

Phineaus Grock, A Steampunk Robot Toy by Doktor A

UK artist and custom toy designer Bruce Whistlecraft (aka “Doktor A”) created Phineaus Grock, a robotic steampunk creation, for his A Postcard from New Yorkshire solo art show. It is cu…

Edred Industries: IRON DUKE Steampunk Robot                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I chose this pin because in the book they used machines for much more than just navigation and information. They also had robots for combat and self protection. Sometimes the robots needed human operation and sometimes they where just automated.

Steampunk cars | ... Paul Braddock created Eddie, the amazing 3D printed steampunk robot

With his spectacular printed Eddie the Robot, Australian visual artist Paul Braddock has just reminded the world of what airbrushing and careful post-processing can bring to printing and toy-making. Maybe something for Printer Chat?