ENGLISH: And there they were again. The tattoos, around his left upper arm. One line for one innocent life he had taken. One line for one of a wrongful. 0=0=0 DEUTSCH: Und da waren sie wieder. Die Tätowierungen, um seinen linken Oberarm. Je eine Linie, für eines der unschuldigen Leben, das er genommen hatte. Eine Linie, für einen unrechtmäßigen Tod, den er zu verschulden hatte. @cjqravenwritten

40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

Another simple tattoo that, to me, reminds me of the five pillars. And well, it just looks great.

I’m pretty sure these tattoos won an award for best tattoo…ever.

40 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Bigger Isn't Always Better

Would be cool on right hand ring finger representing purity before marriage and on the other a marriage ring

Dnesni #freehand #handpoke tattoo © Duhovka @duhovka Czech Republic • cieleckabara@gmail.com

Dnesni #freehand #handpoke tattoo © Duhovka @duhovka Czech Republic • cieleckabara@gmail.com

Paint your stretch marks! I totally love this idea whether it's just paint or an actual tattoo

Inspiration for tiger stripes tattoo. What better way to show off your stretch marks/mama stripes?

tiger stripes tattoo on my inner right calf because I am I tiger and there are the scars of my stripes

Tiger Stripe Tattoo -- Maybe over the stretch marks; exact location to show 'em off, not hide 'em.