Accept the miracle of each new day... from sunrise to sunset you've been given an extraordinary gift.

Accept the miracle of each new day… from sunrise to sunset you’ve been given an extraordinary gift. Phoyo: ‘The Sun Line’ by Michele Bussoni

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Random Inspiration 116

This picture was chosen because in the book, there is always a constant remembrance of the mountains that surround the land. "The sun tips with light and mountains of Ingleni and East Griquland.

Describe the golden sunlight of dusk here. Talk about the silhouettes of the coppery trees and the warm, gentle breeze of the wind. ~magikodie

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Magical sunrise

Magical sunrise

Sunset pond with tree reflection. Something like this with the BFG Dream Tree would make a beautiful watercolor tattoo // Travel Inspiration, Guides & Tips

today's sunrise by Wackelaugen, via Flickr

Sunlight streaming through the forest woods at sunrise, with bird flying across field.

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Un Minuto de Sabiduría: 3 de Febrero

"Our life is what our  thoughts make it" Marcus Aurelius "You are what you think about all day" Emerson Make them good thoughts and ideas then, for the way you think about it creates your reality :)

"Let the drop fall into the ocean and listen to what the waves tell you. One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can't change".