supernatural birthday cakes | For a lady who loves the show Supernatural & especially the Winchester ...

Supernatural cake, this really.tops the cake(pun intended) compared to all the other cakes I pinned

Supernatural Themed Cake - Trench Coat and tie from main character is cake

Supernatural Themed Cake Large Angel Wings from fondant, cut with leaf cutter, then veined, airbrushed black, then silver

Based on the Supernatural TV Program - All Edible - by Ciccio @ - cake decorating website

Made for a Birthday for a girl who loved the Supernatural TV Program, the skull is solid White Chocolate,the roses are gumpaste as is the vines. The Cake is Red Velvet with Vanilla White Chocolate Ganache & Finished in a Marble gravestone.

Team Free Will cake  #Supernatural Cake by Toxic-Bliss2019

So it was my birthday and naturally as I'm a baker and in love with Supernatural I made a spn themed cake. It's Team Free Will's outfits (Castiel's.