We're not afraid to join the meme party.  KEEP CALM ITS  TACO TUESDAY #tacotuesday

8 days of Pesach means no bread, no pasta (unless you want to play roulette with the rather tempremental Passover versions), no crackers.

16 Taco memes that will make you glad it's Taco Tuesday: Funny AND tasty taco memes

16 Taco memes that will make you glad it& Taco Tuesday: Funny AND tasty taco memes

Tuesday! Taco tues.

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If you think getting advice is easy then think again. Here's a rundown of some of the worst skin care advice that dermatologists have come across!

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Ah yes, Yoda. I have been using that quote from Yoda for the last three years when describing the way that people think about infrastructure and the way they had designed infrastructure for their data centers in the past.

The Office. Taco probs. Kevin and I have more in common than I'd care to admit. | See more about tacos, the office and offices.

"The only problem is, whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and crush it." Kevin has the same problem I do.