I will have this tattoo one day, for my mom. http://tattoo-ideas.us

One of the most captivating moments, a butterfly with a gorgeous fairy wings. It is subtile, elegant and sexy, representing freedom and love.

Baby's Heartbeat // Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas

23 Heartbeat Tattoos That'll Leave You Breathless

henna | Henna Tattoo Designs 2011| Henna Tattoos Collection Henna-Tattoo ...

Mehndi art is 5000 years old which is prepared with the leaves of plant known as henna. The girls of all ages love to have beautiful mehndi designs on their

That lower belly tho

Spring is upon us, and summer isn& far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary, and that includes tattoos as well.

Cover up tatt. This would be great to cover up a Caesarean scar, tummy tuck

Nice idea for a girl to cover up a tummy tuck scar-- so glad I didn't have to do that after having my kids but its an idea if I'm not so lucky next time:

25 Uniquely Cute Tattoo Ideas For Girls That Are Just Gorgeous

25 Uniquely Cute Tattoo Ideas For Girls That Are Just Gorgeous

These tattoos are so cute and unique that they are just gorgeous! I came across these cute tattoo id

Black like tattoo. Maybe matching ones for my mommy and me ♡


22 Most Attractive Foot Tattoos For Women

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing foot tattoo design ideas around the world for women; Ankle Foot Tattoo and Cute tattoo design ideas.