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Great phrase for a father's day card from both children! A father is a sons first hero and a daughters first love.

Took this for my dad who died 23.02.17 ‍ #tattoo #dad #fatheranddaugther #wristtattoo

Matching tattoos are a popular way to express friendship and love. Check our gallery of matching tattoos!

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In my fathers hand writing "my first love, my forever hero" "Better together"

Sweet. Simple. To the point. Lovely tattoo ideas to pay tribute to dad

What better way to show our love and admiration for the man we call Dad than to get a tattoo in his honor? Or perhaps you are a father and you want a .

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I like these only I would customize it for me Having a heart flow mummur is something ill have the rest of my life. May something like still beating

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Arm Band Type/Style: Black ink Placement: left forearm Favorite Aspect(s): size, placement, simplicity