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Close Reading in the classroom can be really helpful in increasing student comprehension and understanding! If you've ever wondered "What is Close Reading?" and wanted to know some easy-to-implement Close Reading strategies and steps, this blog post is for you! Close Reading annotations, lessons, activities, passages, posters and more help you get started on the right track today!
Close Reading... What an awesome way to show students why reading over again is SO IMPORTANT!! And using Oreos!
Anchor chart - close reading
These Close Reading symbol charts & bookmarks are a must have during your close reading lessons! The file includes charts (2 color and 2 blackline masters) and bookmarks (1 color and 1 blackline master). You can use these as anchor charts, as posters, in notebooks, or in your students' close reading folder.
An introductory unit to teach close reading strategies to middle and high school students.  5-day unit with lots of models and practice.
Check It Off!
Love this idea!!! Use these FREE highlighter labels to help students keep organized and engaged while close reading!  Also terrific for test prep for older grades.  Each label has an I CAN statement to keep your good readers focused on the task at hand.
Here's a rundown of the top close reading strategies suggested for your classroom, and the benefits they provide for learning.
FREE:  CLOSE Reading strategy and graphic organizer for the elementary reading classroom.
The Daring English Teacher: Close Reading Strategies That Work
CLOSE READING anchor chart
Close Reading passages, activities, and strategies are fun and engaging with Close Reading for the Year Bundle! 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students love these high-interest nonfiction passages and writing activities. Classroom teachers love this one-stop Close Reading toolkit, especially the graphic organizers, annotation guide, and Close Reading steps guide!
Close reading - here is a fun little freebie to get you started or help you along the way.
annotating text during a close read anchor chart