Teen Titans Seson 6 by DickGraywolf on deviantART <-- THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

ATENTION PEOPLE THIS IS NO JOKE! There's a new petition signatures for all those who want a sixth season of the Titans (my included). This time it's absolutely true!

Teen Titans Season 6!!!!!

Teen Titans Season 6!!!!!

I have mixed feelings about this show, I hate that they won't continue the old one, but dang it it's pretty funny......

Robin is my favorite Teen Titan and then Cartoon Network just replaced him with some jackass. I hope they bring back the original Teen Titans.

Please! Teen titans is WAY better than the lazy, badly drawn teen Titans Go! Repin if you agree!

I do think Teen Titans Go! I still like the show but it shows the characters as typical Teens.

Teen Titans: Season 6 - S6 E3~ "Atlantis" - Wattpad

Teen Titans: Season 6 - S6 E3~ "Atlantis"

Teen Titans: Season 6 - S6 E3~ "Atlantis" - Wattpad

this is what happens when batman try's to explain something... everybody like what!?!?!?!?

Teen titans watching Teen titans go! Cyborg:I don't say booyah like that. Starfire:I don't scream when I fire my eye blast! Raven:I do too take my cloak off! Beast Boy:WE KISSED RAVEN! *hugs Raven* Robin:Why do I act like a chicken about to get murdered?


With Apologies to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee: How I Would Reboot the DC Universe

Sign the petition to have Cartoon Network : CONTINUE THE ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS ON ADULT SWIM (SEASON 6)

As kids today are being dumbed down by the animated atricity that is Teen Tirans Go, and is running rampant by having a WEEK MARATHON by the wicked witch of the