I could so see your dad doing this even though he hasn't... yet. @Amanda Snelson Snelson Blaha

This has happened to me with my uncle he was giving my brother advice for dating (he was completely wrong) and when i talk about having a boyfriend he just stares at me like ive grown 3 heads and says "not gonna happen"

teenager posts. ♡ true true Yeah like this certain guy I would never admit I was in love with.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

♡ true true (Like Josh Hutcherson and sam Clafin and liam hemsworth !)<<<Well, Liam Hemsworth (TGH), Jamie Bower(TMI), Ian Somerhalder (TVD) etc

"Someone call Victoria her secrets out" Hahaha<<< for reals and boys can sag their pants?!?!?!?!

Teenager Post - "Your bra strap is showing" oh no no one can know that I, a teenager female, is wearing a bra someone call Victoria because her secret's out.

I honestly think that something like that never will come true for me, it's just like the guys don't know I exist even though I stand right next to them. But when there is a guy who notice me, I hope that it will be like that…

I want to make a boy nervous I want to make a boy go to his friends and ask them for advice about what he should text me back

love hurts. boys lie. friends cry. people die. parents yell. you always try. you're never good enough and you don't know why


loves hurts boys lie friends cry people die parents tell you always try youre never good enough and you dont know why

Yeah it is we all need a man that could take care of children                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Experienced this a few days ago. Oh yeah. I find it sooooooo attractive when a guy plays with a little kid.

30 Seriously Hilarious Memes

30 Seriously Hilarious Memes

I did that this morning..... Awkward texts with your best friends and church boys :)

I just (heh) just start (ha ha) just, HA HA HA, I'm sorry, I just remembered this funny thing from yesterday.

smurfette that is what i use to call my crush and he is a guy but he always wore blue he has blue eyes and blonde hair so yea

I realize this says teenager post . and that we definitely do this . so, yeahhhh. -woah so true

I am in advanced math and language arts, but sometimes I forget what. 4 x 9 is, or how to spell the word field.

I am in advanced math and language arts, but sometimes I forget what. 4 x 9 is, or how to spell the word field. (I didn't write this but true)

makes me so sad when guys cry for real :(

A girl's laughter is much more cheerful than a boy's. But a boy's cry is much more meaningful than a girl's

And now it would be more like "oohhh!!! who do I get to sit next todaayyy?!?! Why, hello, there!"

Oh how the times have changed Well no, through my whole life I've had and have a lot of guy friends