Add a dash of playful whimsy to any space (even the living room!) with Pillowfort’s cute play tent and accessories from the Camp Kiddo collection. With outdoor-themed pillows, throws, storage and wall art, kids can have fun imagining they’re on the ultimate adventure.

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the boo and the boy: teepees

Spotted this gorgeous image the other day - I love that Tipi (Felix has a similar one) and of course the Cross blanket is a beautiful addition (that's the large one. Pia Wallens Cross blankets a

Here's how to create your very own home-made tipi. Let the adventures begin.

Colours Black Matt Chalkboard Spray Paint 400 ml

The "Bianca" teepee from SugarShacksTeepee

Little girl bedroom makeover: The details

This is a lovely girl nursery decor. Like the flowers on top of the teepee! Such a cool kid's room decor ideas, especially for a little girl bedroom. Toddler and children's will love playing under this cute teepee. Add cushions and plush inside to make it