“Is this how humanity waves good-bye? Hell no.” - Cassie | The 5th Wave is coming to theaters Jan 22, 2016 #5thWaveMovie

In the book Cassie is stuck under a black Buick and she is getting shot at . She is badly injured and going to bleed out . So if she runs she will get shot and die . 😲 If she stays she will bleed out and die 💀

Before and after. Nothing will ever be the same again. | The 5th Wave is now in theaters, so click through to buy your tickets online! #5thWaveMovie

Tbh the movie sucked, the book was soooooo much better. I mean it wasn't another Percy Jackson disaster, but it still wasn't good.

“I’ll be brave. You just be six.” - Cassie | The 5th Wave in theaters January 22, 2016 #5thWaveMovie

“I’ll be brave. You just be six.” - Cassie to Sammy The Wave

“Bite me.” Classic Cassie comeback. | The 5th Wave is now in theaters. Tickets available through Fandango - just click on the pin! #5thWaveMovie

The thing about this is that Evan read that, and I'm sitting over here shutting myself

Zombie isn’t about to give up the fight. He’s here to stay. | The 5th Wave comes to theaters on Jan 22, 2016 #5thWaveMovie

That with his mother and sister and how his father told him to protect them always.