Office games can prove to be great team building activity for your organization. Let's have a look at a some of the easy minute to win it office games in the following article. Get ready for some real fun.

These Minute to Win it Office Games are a Total Stress Buster

un custom questions for teachers. Faculty "Would You Rather" Game for faculty…

Teacher Morale Game "Would You Rather"

un custom questions for teachers. Faculty "Would You Rather" Game for faculty meeting fun and stress relief. Plus Funny (or serious) Teacher Awards for Staff Meetings. Some examples from the Would You Rather game: Eat the school lunch every day for ever

In upcoming Avenging Spider-Man comic series, Spider-Man and Deadpool team up and go back to high school where they will obviously wreak havoc. Here's a great piece of art from the series, showing the two characters waiting to see the principal after getting into a fight.

Spider-Man and Deadpool get sent to the principal's office avenging spiderman comic

I love this idea to get kids thinking about the choices they made and owning up to it.  Saving this for when they're reading and writing is better.  I'll adapt it too.  Once the fill out the adapted version and dad and I discuss it with them we forgive them and shred their paper.  Symbolizing God' forgiveness.

the principal's office

A think sheet - allows students to reflect on her actions with room for parent and teacher comments. Most appropriate for mid-late elementary. Lower elementary and K may be better served by a sheet which has room for pictures!

A teacher's face when... she gets called to the principal's office and wonders "Oh, God, what did I do?"

Of course, it might have been nice, too, if the person - presumably an actual teacher? - had remembered to put an apostrophe between the "l" and the "s" in the word "principals. there I go again, paying attention to details.

Back to School: The Principal's Office | Principal Principles | Bloglovin’

Back to School: The Principal's Office (Principal Principles)

Leadership Qualities teachers want in their principal, strategic thinker, be an organized principal, principals put students first. Support, teamwork and partnerships in our schools.

Principal Principles: Desire to Inspire- School Quotes

Desire to Inspire- School Quotes

I like how this looks..and people would always be able to find the bathroom!

my diy home projects I made these signs and they are hanging in my kitchen under 3 doors (Bathroom, Pantry, & Downstairs). Idea was originally from A Place For Us and I LOVE the Vinyl wording. I will be using Vinyl wording a lot in my decor.