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I've been to Thomas Rhetts concert twice I went to Springjam and Rock The South. I loved when he brought his dad (Rhett Akins) out on stageat Rock The South it was adorable!

I hope my husband is obsessed with me like Thomas Rhett is with his wife

Seriously they are the most perfect couple ever! I want my future boyfriend and or husband to look at me the way Thomas Rhett looks at Lauren.

This is what love,marriage and partnership look like. It shouldn't be something less than or certainly nothing to fix before it starts. I think young people need more examples of what love and a real relationship looks like.

Why Guys Should Be Taking Notes From Thomas Rhett Akins

Thomas Rhett and his Lauren Had their baby last night at His wife was in labor for 36 hours. Ada James Atkins and Willa Gray Atkins. (Willa is adopted) congratulations Thomas and Lauren!

Thomas Rhett. This man and his voice xoxo

Thomas Rhett. This man and his voice xoxo

Thomas Rhett Tangled Up on LP Years before he kicked off his career with It Goes Like This, a debut album that spawned five Top 40 hits and three Numbers Ones, Thomas Rhett spent his childhood li

No question here, Thomas Rhett is a happy man! #ACMs

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins at the ACMs.Lauren inspired Thomas' award-winning song, "Die a Happy Man.

Julie Paisley | Thomas Rhett | Lauren Akins | Thomas Rhett's Wife | Thomas Maternity | Thomas Rhett Daughter_0009.jpg

Thomas Rhett, wife Lauren and their daughter Willa were photographed in Nashville ahead of the impending arrival of their new addition – another baby girl

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris Star in Exciting Mini Movie for ‘Craving You’

Thomas Rhett - Marry Me (Lyrics/Letra Video) 4K - YouTube

Thomas Rhett - Marry Me (Lyrics/Letra Video) 4K - YouTube

Thomas Rhett: Inside a Country Star's Soul Reinvention

Thomas Rhett - Cute Country Singer - I don't even listen to country music but could watch him perform with the tv on mute :)