[Love Heart] Keep Calm And Love The Vamps ( the Band)

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The boys with thr vamps!!

Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Marcus Butler, Casper Lee and The Vamps

Klaroline <3

season 4 ep 19 - caroline and klaus cute! I hate how Caroline uses him, but when she will realize that she loves him and she will finally deserve his love, it will be fucking epic (not like stelena, I mean, the real sense of the word) and perfect

The Vamps Poster - Connor Ball

The Vamps Poster - Connor Ball Does anyone else think that he looks like Niall from One Direction? <<<no shhh

The vampire diaries

I don't, I'm an only child Thank you guys so much for I'm super close to now, this account is growing so fast I can't believe it —

*cries in corner* I’m not crying you are

/ — he never got the chance to live the new life he had chosen with caroline :'(

The Vampire Diaries humor - Jeremy Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are funny together! TVD quotes.

Damon always kicks lil bro to the curb.I love watching vampires diaries.