Gudli is a collection of games for kids that makes learning fun.  Students can play these interactive educational games while developing skills in math, logic, memory, words, creativity and more.  Gudli is free to use and a fantastic learning space for students in kindergarten, first and second grade.

Online Games for Kids - Learn and Play Free Kids Games at Turtlediary…Math, English, Science, Puzzles too! By grade level and topic!

Baby Games Online - Free Fun Online Computer Games for Infants and Toddlers

a guide to free online games for your infant and toddler. An index of the very best web baby games and internet baby activities for your infant or toddler

Get your toddler ready for preschool with some of these fun online games!

Fun Free Game Websites for Preschool aged kids

A free math app for kids teaching fraction. The interactive visual lessons and the game like practice make it easier to understand the meaning of fraction and fun to practice. A great learning tool for kids who just start learning fraction.

Practice Math Skills with Fun Zap Zap Games

Another free math practice app that not only helps kids on math skills, but also challenges them on critical thinking and problem solving skills. The content covers from preschool to grade

Keyboard games for toddlers. This is a great link to interesting computer games for toddlers

Image from Wikimedia Commons Keyboard games are computer games that children can play without the mouse, by pressing keys on the keybo.

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10 Free Learning Websites for Kids with Free Printable Listing

10 Free Learning Websites for Kids. My kids have gone on some of these and they are great learning sites! - Kiddos at Home

Whose Baby Am I by John Butler.  Duck on a Bike by David Shannon.  Interactive game about farm animals and their babies.

Farm Animals: In this animal game, kids learn about the different farm animals. Kids learn to identify the farm animals, their babies and their homes.