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i have never felt more sad and worried in my entire life about a fictional character than i have felt for  now watching him like that and knowing the real truth and about his mother and shit ... just makes me feel even more and more sad(i need a hug :'( )

Oshiete, Oshiete yo, sono shikumi wo boku no naga ni dare ka iru no?

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As in ur scars of ur mom and aunt and being a ghoul being that doesn't eat go outsides and having b consumed by darkness will fade away but he will stay

Rize. But I mean, I really am..

Rize certainly does have a blank space. in her stomach, friggin' Binge Eater

Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul #anime

Best fan art I've seen in a while, at least with Kaneki Ghoul not as the centrepiece. I like his internal struggles and character development more than him simply looking cool.

It's alright to scream, I'm screaming too. Why'd you think I do the things I do? For shadows haunted me like ghosts, so I became what I feared the most. // Tokyo Ghoul

I conduct fear like electricity, a man made monstrosity.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 122

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Kirishima Touka, her English Voice Actor is amazing too ♪( ´▽`)

Kirishima Touka, her English Voice Actor is amazing too ♪( ´▽`)

Tokyo Ghoul:re 125 - Page 17 - Manga Stream > The ship has sailed!!!! CANON!!!! <

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