Who will be the next James Bond? Personally I'd love to see Idris Elba. I second that one. Idris is an excellent choice.

Who Will Be the Next James Bond? #infographic

Click for article : He’ll always be Bane, but could Tom Hardy be the next Bond, too? BoyleSports, an Ireland-based online betting firm, says the Legend star has emerged as the odds-on favorite to succeed Daniel Craig in the 007 role. Odds on Hardy are now at 2/1, BoyleSports announced Tuesday, while Idris Elba is slightly behind at 3/1, Damian Lewis is 7/2, and Henry Cavill is 4/1.

Tom Hardy is bettors' choice to be the next James Bond

When you’re Bane, and Mad Max (and bettors’ favorite for the next James Bond), it’s easy to brush off less-than-flattering photos from your past. While promoting his new film Legend, Tom Hardy weig…

The BBC in Cannes has some Tom Hardy quotes from today's Mad Max: Fury Road

The BBC in Cannes has some Tom Hardy quotes from today’s Mad Max: Fury Road interviews: ““I’m totally ready to go and do another one” “Now I get it,” said Hardy of his director.

Tom Hardy 007 James Bond Odds

Is Tom Hardy the Next James Bond?

A betting war is brewing across the pond for who will be the next James Bond. I think Tom Hardy would make a terrific Bond!

Tom Hardy: The Next James Bond?

Tom Hardy: The Next James Bond?

Tom Hardy is a serious contender amongst U. bookmakers currently embroiled in a betting war for who will join the James Bond after Daniel Craig's departure.

Tom Hardy...THE NEXT JAMES BOND!!! #fullthrottlesexiness

Can you just imagine tom hardy walking towards your house like this to pick you up?

tom hardy could be the new James Bond, he would be perfect for the part.

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It's looking more and more likely like we're getting a new James Bond, and if Tom Hardy were to be selected as the classic super spy, he already knows what director he'd like to work with.

Which Director Tom Hardy Would Like To Team Up With For A James Bond Movie

Tom Hardy Addresses Now-Infamous Sexuality Question, Says He Was Put On The Spot And Is Entitled To His Privacy

Tom Hardy Would Consider Playing James Bond, Too / The Moviefone Blog

Tom Hardy Would Consider Playing James Bond, Too

Tom Hardy Photos Photos - Tom Hardy attends the UK Premiere of "Legend" at Odeon Leicester Square on September 2015 in London, England. - Stars Attend the 'Legend' UK Premiere

(VIDEO) Tom Hardy talking about the rumours he may be the next James Bond.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hardy spotted enjoying daddy duties

Tom Hardy makes first appearance since welcoming new baby

Tom Hardy as 007...claro que si!  Lola!

Tom Hardy as the New Bond? There are reports stating that once Daniel Craig leaves his role in the 007 franchise, Tom Hardy may be the one to take his.

Speaks french fluently.......*sighs*

35 Facts Almost Nobody Knows About Tom Hardy.

Who is the next James Bond; Idris Elba, Damian Lewis and Henry Cavill top contenders for 007 role