tortoise table | She's loving the stairs! I think I need to get a UV strip light for ...

tortoise table/ I think it's a great set up and the tortoises would sure love that lamp and those stairs

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Indoor Enclosure for your Russian Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise Enclosure Tortoise enclosure! sulcata

Sulcata tortoise pen outside ---I'd be worried about digging under house. Maybe away from house and door in and out for when too big to lift

Make a tortoise enclosure in a dog crate! #DIY -

Use a dog crate to enclose your tortoise's habitat! Get a dog crate that is the ideal size for your tortoise. If possible, arrange the crate so that the door is on the top. Line the bottom of the crat

Pet turtle...  diy Tortoise Habitat from a kiddie  pool!

Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform & Dock

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Sod draped over an outside tortoise burrow,hopefully I will have a turtle den like this one day!

Hol-ee Roller Tortoise Foraging Toy -

Use a Hol-ee Roller dog toy as a foraging toy for your tortoise! Get a Hol-ee Roller that is a good size for your tortoise. Prepare your tortoise's leafy greens and stuff them into the dog toy.