The tree of life connects the ground and our physical existence to the skies and the heavens. It unites all forms of life to mother earth and the universe. It is widely recognised and cited in many faiths and cultures including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hindu and Baha'i - all over the world, uniting all of humanity and the universe as a whole.

Spiritual Yoga Symbols and What They Mean

What is the tree of life? What does the tree of life mean? Where does the tree of life originate? Spiritual Yoga Symbols and What They Mean. Mala Kamala Mala Beads - Boho Malas, Mala Beads, Yoga Jewelry, Meditation Jewelry, Mala Necklaces and Bracelets

Life is not a race - but indeed a journey. Be Honest. Work Hard. Be Choosy. Say "thank you", and "great job" to someone each day. Go to church, take time for prayer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper. Love your life and what you've been given, it is not accidental ~ search for your purpose and do it as best you can. Dreaming does matter. It allows you to become that which you inspire to be. Laugh often. Appreciate the little the little…

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Discover the meaning behind the Tree of Life – one of the world’s oldest  cultural icons and symbols of universal interconnectedness.

10 Things to Know About the Tree of Life

Tree of life symbolism

A Lucid Explanation About the Meaning of Tree of Life

The Celtic tree of life symbolizes harmony and balance. These days, the tree symbol is used for decorations, tattoos and tapestries. Understanding the underlying meaning of this symbol should give us an insight on the ancient culture of Celts.

From the Kybalion... The 2nd Sacred Law of Correspondence... With study with true understanding of these Universal Laws... We become Masters                                                                                                                                                      More

The 12 Laws of Karma

GREAT LAW - As you sow, so shall you reap. This is also known as the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. If what we want is happiness, peace.

Tree of Life Infinity Tree Wall Decor  by HumdingerDesignsEtsy, $240.00:

Tree of Life Infinity Tree by Humdinger Designs. This Heat treated Tree of Life Infinity Tree is diameter.

Tree of life - "Noah's Bark"

Tree of life

A unique tree of life design by Gary, Aaron & Khairul from Degree in the shape of a tree trunk; a closer look shows that each "ring" is composed of different animals.

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A Lucid Explanation About the Meaning of Tree of Life

Celtic Tree of Life~ Ancient Celtic (Druids) believed that the trees had many special powers. The Celtic tree of life symbol characterizes the harmony and balance of universe.