How trauma affects the brain: The primary task of the brain remains self-preservation and propagating of the species. The functions of the reptilian and mammalian brains will always override the neo-cortex, as our very survival is dependent upon this. Because threat has a far more immediate and powerful consequence than reward, the brain is overdetermined to sense and respond to danger.

How Trauma Affects the Brain

When Things Get Out of Hand: Trauma and the Triune Brain

When Things Get Out of Hand: Trauma and the Triune Brain

reptilian brain | The Triune Brain

The Triune Brain. The triune concept articulates the three guiding objectives of nature in the development of control systems for the human brain.

how trauma triggers fits of rage, violence or other destructive, base response behaviors

Karyn Purvis explains how triggers can activate the primitive part of the brain, what that looks like and how that happens

Self-Regulation Skills for Preschoolers

EVOLUTIONARY BRAIN: He traced these parallels and showed how each of our neural systems carries within it the blueprint of potential intelligences, abilities, and capacities developed during each of these evolutionary epochs.

As 3 partes do cérebro envolvidas no processo de aprendizagem, Reptilian Brain, Neo-cortex e Limbic System, e suas características

The Evolutionary Psychology of the Emotions and Their Relationship to Internal Regulatory Variables