So, why don't we just deal with it? Its FEAR of confronting our issues that destroys us mentally not the issues themselves. it's others refusing to see our negative emotions because they are afraid of them.

~It will always be so, there is no possible way that we could delve that deep.they probably wouldn't care for us to and really we may not care to know what is so deep & probably some time ago.


Young Woman Can't Wait To Learn Life Wisdom From Old Lady, She Feels Truly Fulfilled After That

i'm a scorpio. ♏ No one really knows me and my temper only one person has see me over the edge, trust me, I'm down right evil when I'm pissed! If you wanna swim go ahead, run away when when I get to quiet for your comfort!

I am such a fool and a moron so stupid to ever thought I could trust someone again.I deserve it.I have to stop the pain.I'm not selfish I can't go on. Yeah why did I and your a fucking asshole.


Pisces: " ~ You would be surprised at how understanding a Pisces can be when told the straight-up truth." I'd always prefer to be hurt by the truth than being lied to.