SHERLOCK BBC "Sherlock" & "Watson" Minimalist Friendship Pendants Necklace

SHERLOCK BBC "Sherlock" "Watson" Minimalist Friendship Pendants Necklace for of Disney✨ party gift for her

SHERLOCK BBC Sherlock Holmes Silhouette NEW by ConsultingFanGeeks, $26.99

SHERLOCK BBC Sherlock Holmes Silhouette NEW by ConsultingFanGeeks, $26.99

I have found this and I think it is a marvelous combination of clothes to represent three fandoms. -SH

Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock inspired outfit. I love every single thing about this! I would totally wear this.

That he is Watson....that he is

You risked your life to prove you were clever. Sherlock better know how lucky he is to have John!

The funny thing is that the first picture and the last picture both have actors from Sherlock in them

What villains think about…

/Sherlock BBC/#905506 - Zerochan

" I drew some sherlock fanart. I imagine this to be a typical morning in baker street.

British TV and Emotional Damage Doctor Who... Sherlock... Downton Abbey....<- to name a few.

"British TV and Emotional Damage: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, to name a few." Darn straight, a lot of tears from/for each one!

its on Netflix! just watch it!

My life. And Doctor Who. BBC is beginning to control my life.

consulting detective ....... the blogger

I need did for me and my friend we love sherlock and I'm like sherlock and she's just like john!

Little Mycroft's Christmas list! And he asked for a minion and it looks like one is on the way (aka a baby Sherlock). Sherlock probably skipped "Santa" and went straight to "Mummy". And asked for body parts to dissect.

"I'm not a psychopath, I'm a highly functioning sociopath!"

Sherlock Holmes Inspired Bracelet - Im not a psychopath, Im a highly functioning sociopath

Sherlock BBC. That cinematography...

That cinematography." Beautifully filmed <---- I seriously love how we fangirl over everything, including the cinematography. (Which, I agree, is absolutely gorgeous.