Undertale Toriel by wolfwithribbon

Goat Mom part The electric boogaloo. Hope you enjoy your bag of mixed feelings. What if the reason Goat mom is so popular is because most of her fans were absent of a good mother figure due to this generation of absent and uncaring mothers

Undertale Tarot - Imgur

Undertale Tarot

for funsies I’m doing a bunch of Undertale characters as card illustrations…

* whoa, you guys know mom, too?... um... not actual mom. i don't think i had one. but, y'know, honorary mom. there were a couple different versions of "toriel" i've met from the original timeline cluster, but... never mind. just miss her, 's all. she did get to see the surface, so i guess i should be happy for her, but... still. kinda lonely here now.

In the first impression, I had a delusion that Mettaton EX with hot legs was featured in this drawing.

Undertale, Toriel

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Toriel by jaaychaan on DeviantArt

Fnaf fanart n.n i looove that game! i can't wait for the fourth one! hope you…

Goat Mom Toriel - Undertale by CatCouch.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Goat Mom Toriel - Undertale by CatCouch on DeviantArt