We are all woven together like a beautiful tapestry <3

The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord. ~ ‘Abdu’l-Baha

.they say opposites attract for a reason....never settle for someone that you have too much in common with, that you see all the time simply because you're sick of being alone or sick of looking for your perfect match...they are out there and if you settle before you meet them, then you will be stuck with a serious dilemma

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities" . All Toronto Public Library staff are attending Diversity Training so this seems timely and true as well.

"Diversity@Work" is an operating principle we at MSLGROUP live by, helping us to ensure we consistently reflect - and value - the diversity in the world around us.  A career with us means saying goodbye to 'sameness', and hello to a multi-faceted world of work.

Celebrate Diversity Embrace Unity Variety Is The Spice Of Life Together We Stand Divided We Fall

Shylock reminds those who knew about Jessica that they are all human, but they persecute him as if he is not. simply because of his religion. Do you blame him for acting with no mercy?

How I'm teaching my daughter about skin color

The conservative philosophy of individualism includes ALL skin colors. The liberal philosophy of collectivism excludes all OTHER skin colors.

Unity in Diversity, -- always assume that all people are of value, unless their behaviour proves otherwise. -- reminds me of the fable about the elephant and the mouse.

6 ) Diversity - Diversity: Different Individuals Valuing Each Other Regardless Of Skin Colour, Intellect, Talent Or Years (Age)