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Thailand Destinations is all about blue skies that appear to go on forever,crystal clear mirror-glass still seas & mysterious rugged landscapes in the distance.

【1對1相睇 搞到面左左 1家1相遇 反而擦出火】 11月6日《愛混在一起》 兩家人 冤冤相對~ 擦出火~~~!!

BLENDED - Official Movie Site - In Theaters May I adore Drew Barrymore, can't wait to see this movie.

Bella Thorne is an actress to keep and eye on, and she is back on the big screen this week in Blended. We caught up with her to chat about the film.

Bella Thorne is a name to watch out for in as she is set to star in a series of exciting film projects.

Unconventional Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado. [OC] [900x1200]

I have always wanted to go to Aspen. Imagine time away, just us. Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado US Say Yes To Adventure

Penny Hot Springs, where swimsuits are officially mandatory but not always worn, becomes an ersatz summer day spa for drivers and hikers alongside the icy-cold Crystal River, near Carbondale.

Photos: Above it All in Aspen, Colorado