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Take Your Fall Style Cues From This Unsung Icon of Groupie Style

uschi obermaier barefoot in topknot and leotard, looking a bit underage.

iamlamour: “ Muse du Jour: Uschi Obermaier “Desired by Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards, Uschi was the erotic symbol of the counterculture.

Uschi Obermaier by Jeanloup-Sieff for Vogue Italia, 1972 // Learn about  the History of ’70s Boudoir on the blog!

The History of '70s Boudoir

Wie die Zeit vergeht mit...: Uschi Obermaier, Partygirl der Apo - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - einestages

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Uschi Obermaier 1970 – High Low Vintage

Uschi Obermaier 1970 – High Low Vintage

“I wanted everything from this world. I wanted to experience it all and to live in the here and now.” –Uschi Obermaier


Uschi Obermaier by Gabo

Uschi Obermaier by Gabo

Rainer Langhans & Uschi Obermaier

Uschi Obermaier & Rainer Langhans, 1969 The Berlin living collective Kommune 1 grew out of the German student movement of the and was considered Germany’s first politically motivated.