Great park, and a great tour of the USS Alabama in Mobile AL

Mobile AL U. Alabama Battleship Park is an All-Service memorial. Here are displays on loan from the Air Force, a transport, B helicopter, and fighter, complement the battleship and the submarine

Been here too...will also never forget the goose egg I got on my shin from not stepping through the doors high enough! SS Alabama, Mobile, Alabama

Fun way to spend an afternoon --- USS Alabama - Mobile, Alabama Visited the ship many years ago with my husband.

The USS Alabama in her fitting out berth at Norfolk, Virginia, 1942.

South Dakota-class battleship USS Alabama being fitted out 3 July 1942

The superstructure of USS Alabama (BB-60) looming in the fog. [900x1600] [OC]

USS Alabama in the Fog. I carried out visual communication drills aboard the Alabama while the USS Lexington was at Alabama Shipyards, Mobile circa

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The Lucky A: USS Alabama (BB-60)

USS Alabama was a South Dakota-class battleship that entered service in 1942 and fought in multiple theaters of World War II.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park is a must-see! Takes you back in time & gives you a history lesson! #brettrobinson

Learn a little or a lot about the history of the Alabama Gulf Coast with a trip to one or more of the area’s museums. The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and

Uss Alabama (Images Of America) PDF

Uss Alabama (Images Of America) PDF

Battleship Alabama memorial in Mobile, Alabama. Definitely worth the experience and it's interesting!!

Battleship Alabama memorial in Mobile, Alabama. If your claustrophobic like me,, it's a long tour lol but neato

USS Alabama Battleship BB-8 seen off New York in 1904. #Alabama #Alabama #Shirt

USS Alabama WWI - USS Alabama (BB 16 Oct 1900 / 17 Aug 1909 Recommissioned 17 Apr decommissioned 7 May Transferred to War Dept. 15 Sep 1921 for use as target. Sunk in shallow water 27 Sep; 19 Mar hulk sold as scrap

USS Alabama ~ On the causeway_ Battleship Park_ Mobile, AL _ There's a gift shop, many planes, etc. to view. Worth your time!

USS Alabama ~ On the causeway_ Battleship Park_ Mobile, AL _ There's a gift shop, many planes, etc.

16 in South Dakota class battleship USS Alabama in Atlantic waters during the period of her attachment to the British Home Fleet, March 1943.  Later in the war she served in the Pacific theatre also, being decommissioned in 1947.  She is preserved in Mobile Bay.

Aerial view of the battleship USS Alabama the Atlantic Ocean, 4 Mar 1943