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Vampire Knight Funny - Zero baring his fangs even though he hates vampires but…

vampire knight funny | Vampire Knight ^.^ (Minor Spoilers)

Vampire Knight ^.^ (Minor Spoilers)

vampire knight funny | Vampire Knight Funny Character pictures; Good times...

Beat that Twilight! Zero-Kun is hotter then your hottest character, and that character is UGLY!

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Vampire Knight: ok now this anime I believe I have watched it so many times I have lost count it's that good the drama and really good looking vampire 'Zero' and the plot are amazing but the manga is even better but his is still good

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Eren, Attack on Titan / Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul / Zero, Vampire Knight, mika i hate vampires becomes vampire: owari no seraph

You know Aidou loves it.  Vampire Knight-Bitchslap by ~justanother763 on deviantART.   So funny.

Vampire Knight- Bitchslap by on deviantART. So Aido/Idol is actually as Masochist? No Wonder He Always Acts So Bad So Kaname Can Hurt Him