Alberto Vargas pin-up artist From the time Esquire first introduced America to the Varga Girl in the name Vargas has been synonymous with pin-up and pin-up art Alberto Vargas -

Skating Vanities of 1952 by Alberto Vargas

Anniversary Skating Vanities of Esquire Magazine, Alberto Vargas Pin Ups.

Interesting that the choice of American GI's in WWII is advertised to Germany in these 1950's Lucky Strikes.

don't like smoke at all, but this Vintage Packaging for Lucky Strike cigarettes is simply lovely

hedy lamarr being drawn by alberto vargas  gatabella

“ top Hedy Lamarr / illustration by Alberto Vargas, bottom Miss Lamarr posing for Mr.

'The Sin of Nora Moran' with art work by Alberto Vargas which rather strangely shows the brunette lady of the title as a blonde. 1933

Alberto Vargas - Illustration pour l’affiche du film The Sin of Nora Moran de Phil Goldstone,

Alberto Vargas pin up girl examples Classic pin up poses are not trashy... - Picmia

Alberto Vargas pin up girl examples Classic pin up poses are not trashy. by shauna

acme beer

Cheers! A Look Back at Beer Advertising For Women

Coca Cola 125 year Varga Girl

Coca-Cola 125 Years

Bulletproof designed Coca-Cola cans featuring cans Varga girls for Coke

Ann Sheridan by Joaquin Vargas...Sweet actress movies and TV.....

gravesandghouls: 31 Days of Halloween pin-ups —> Illustration by Alberto Vargas, 1929