Make-Up~Purple Venetian Mask

Model idea-CRYSTAL MASK - take an eye mask and TRACE around eyes for a Pattern. Take away Mask and then proceed to fill or paint in with colour choice. Glue and design with plastic GEMS from Craft OR Dollar Stores. Don't forget the ' LASHES " .

Nailart Anleitung Venezianische Maske Venezianische Maske Mit unserer DIY-Anleitung für eine Maske im venezianischen Stil bri...

I have a bunch of plain white masks and art supplies for my guests so that they can make their own unique Mardi Gras masks. This is an example of a mask they could make.

Carnevale di Venezia - Karneval in Venedig

Karneval in Venedig 2017

Venezianische Maske

Venezianische Maske