London - telephone box Poster

Old red telephone box ~ They used to be all across the UK. Some of these original phone boxes still exist, in parts of London, and pretty Devon villages.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild Her Majesty's English Tea Room Author: Greater Expectations


So colorful an image of a rain-soaked London thoroughfare.

Robert Finale Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas:"The Palace - Westminster London " Artist: Robert Finale Title: Palace, The - Westminster London Size: x x and x - Select additional sizes options above Edition: Ar.

The only place in England to have white telephone kiosks, they were never run by British Telecom but the City Council. Hull, England

Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire.The only place in England to have white telephone boxes because they were run by the City Council not GPO Telephones or its successor British Telecom.

allthingseurope: Piccadilly Circus, London (by mikerolls) Exploring the beauty of design, nature, style and man - Mytro Man

Piccadilly Circus, London (by mikerolls) Jetclass is going to show its best features at Design! Come and visit us!

St. Andrews from above, Scotland

The remains of what was Scotland’s largest and most magnificent church still show how impressive St. Andrews Cathedral must have been in its prime

Vereinigtes Königreich – Theresa May

Queen Elizabeth II appoints Theresa May as her Prime Minister – Royal Central - July 2016

Top 10 must do's in London

Top 10 Must Do’s in London

Ever felt the temptation to hop on the tourist bus (both figuratively and literally) when visiting a new place? It is easy to become overwhelmed by a large citi

Snowclad St Giles | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

lottietea:oxford bicycles and red phone box, in snow enchantedengland: Oxford in the snow is just painfully pretty. It is agonizing. I want to endure the torment in person.