Vertical ridges that extend from the cuticle to the tip of the nail are very common. But are they something you should worry about? What causes them, and can you treat them? Read this to find out.

Vertical Ridges On Fingernails: What Causes Them?

15 Disturbing Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health – Page 15 – Mrs. Weekly ~~Nail Ridges--Vertical or Horizontal...

Don’t rely on routine tests alone to protect you from cancer. It’s just as important to listen to your body and notice anything that’s different, odd, or unexplainable. HERE ARE SOME SIGNS T…

Thyroid Body Type - Stages include:    Fatigue - generalized weight gain - cold intolerance (cold feet and/or hands) - brittle nails and vertical ridges (could be thick) - hair stiff and dry - puffiness around eyes - outer eyebrows thinning or absent - poor short-term memory and focus - depression - dry skin - hair loss - craving bread, pasta, sweets - high cholesterol - loss of libido.

How To Take Care Of Your Thyroid Naturally, A slew of conditions could be responsible for thyroid problems. Many people struggle with thyroi

Vertical nail ridges are not a concern

Vertical lines on nails can indicate your nails are aging or metabolic dysfunction (including autoimmune disorders).

Diagnosis / 8 health warnings your fingernails may be sending

Fingernails and disease don’t go together in most minds… but they should. Your fingernails can give you valuable health warnings and signal the presence of serious disease. Take a good long look at your nails. Hold a hand level with your nose about.

What are those vertical lines on your nails, and what it means about your health? Don't forget about those hands! This is a useful beauty hack every girl should know.

What Those Vertical Lines On Your Nails Mean About Your Health

Your fingernails and toenails say a lot about your health! But what do those vertical lines mean, and should you be worried?

Fingernails: Horizontal & Vertical Ridges, Nail Pitting & Shape - Disabled World

Fingernails: Horizontal and Vertical Ridges, Nail Pitting & Shape

Information regarding fingernail condition including shape, nail color and pitting, spoon nails plus vertical and horizontal fingernail ridges

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Ask Healthy Living: What Do My Nail Ridges Mean?

vertical ridges on nails caused by malnutrition (esp iron and protein). may be normal

Most often ridges in fingernails are a result of trauma or aging, but ruling out an underlying medical problem such as malnutrition or malabsorption is important for your overall health and wellness.

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It's good news people. Vertical nail ridges are nothing to worry about.

Vertical nail ridges, which run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, are fairly common. These ridges typically become more prominent with age. Vertical ridging doesn't indicate serious illness.

Vertical nail ridges, which run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, are fairly common. These ridges typically become more prominent with age.