Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 1981, since 1976 to 1983: tweetakt eencilinder 121,2 cc, 7,0 pk bij 5500 tpm, Dell'Orto 19 mm carburateur, 4 versnellingen, doorsmeren met 2%-mengsel, 85 km/h (elektronisch, 3 inlaatpoorten)

Blue Banana – Vespa Primavera im O-Lack mit nur 1188 Km.

Vespa 125 Gran Turismo R 1972

Vespa GTR in Rosso Corallo, O-Lack/Originallack, mit Km, Jg.

Vespa PX 125 Streetrod Edition No5

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Vespa 125 Sei Giorni - 1951 ~ Vespa Scooters

A vehicle developed for trial racing, in which it enjoyed considerable success. Its styling was very similar to that of the standard models.