Corsets offered in the B. Altman & Co. catalog, Winter 1886-87

"Corsets offered in the B. Altman & Co. catalog, Winter - haha ridiculous how did the ladies breathe back then

Victorian Corset, 1890. This is an example of a historical corset. This corset is very detailed but it could be worn underneath or on top of clothing. It would most likely be worn with a dress in the victorian era. It is similar that it had design detail added such as the embroidery and trim on top. They are a different shape than the modern corset we saw. Cassidy Brewer 4/10/16

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Corset American c. Ivory silk satin embroidered with silk, baleen (whalebone), metal busk. See the leaf shaped flossing!

Corset of silk and metal by Maison Leoty, circa 1891. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Victorian Corsets

Corset 1887 - bet their boobs didn't ever sag if they wore one of these babies all their lives ;

Blue silk satin corset, c. 1880s (waist: 49 cm, 19.3 inches) via the Kyoto Costume Institute #corsets #fashion_history #underpinnings

Blue silk satin corset, c. (waist: 49 cm, inches) via the Kyoto Costume Institute. Pale blues (powder, duck-egg, sky) are just divine. and a must if you have blue or green eyes.

Victorian Undergarments | The Dusty Victorian: Victorian Underwear in my Laundry Room - Part I

Edwardian S-shaped corset – inspiration

Fashioning Nostalgia: Victorian/Edwardian Combination Chemise & Drawers: How to turn an op-shop find into historical underwear

Before the Automobile: 1880s corset and a chemise with ball gown neckline

Before the Automobile: corset and a chemise with ball gown neckline -- gorgeous reproduction work

Gorgeous corset.

The corset was an essential undergarment for Victorian women. The corset developed from century stays, a foundation garment that gave w.

Corsets and Bustles from 1880-90 - the Move from Over-Structured Opulence to the 'Healthy Corset' - Victoria and Albert Museum

1883 Corset England, Britain Materials and Techniques: Red sateen, beige leather and whalebone, with a steel spoon-shaped busk Victoria and Albert Museum Collection