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During this era Men's wear consisted of Frock and Tail coats. They also wore top hats and plaids were also in style. Men also had some sort of facial hair as well.

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Captivatingly good looking Victorian actor, Maurice Barrymore in Father of Lionel, Ethel and John. Great-grandfather of Drew.

Frock Coat

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A men's frock coat with black trousers. He is also wearing a black shirt with brass buttons in the middle. The tips of the sleeves are white, so he is probably wearing a tunic or undershirt.

Tailored Regency Historic Vest Waistcoat - Pointed Collar

Tailored Regency Historic Vest Waistcoat - Pointed Collar, another great outfit for my future husband

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Victorian Men's Vests and Waistcoats

Sweeney Todd's vest style, middle vest second row from bottom, collar style and double-breast places the costume in the

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Victorian Men’s Fashion

The ulster coat was worn by men in the bustle period as an overcoat with a cape. Description from I searched for this on

Example of menswear during the Bustle Period. The ulster coat was worn by men in the bustle period as an overcoat with a cape.

Victorian Mens' fashion

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Suits change for a rich man. While not as elaborate or ornate as the female counter parts, men at Rochester's party certainly would have brought a sizable trunk of clothes.

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Men's coat, waistcoat, shirt, and evening cravat- this looks to me like something The Doctor would wear.

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Don't tell me men's Regency fashions are making a comeback!The Ultimate Dandies, by Karl Lagerfeld for Numero Homme - fashion