Master chief with a boltshot You have to love the boltshot One shot kill

So my friend designed this masterpiece today! - Imgur

So my friend designed this masterpiece today!

classic Gamer art print video game posters #videogameposters #gameposters…


I gave a retro system with mario bros, mario bros 3 , circus charlie, Olympic games, elevator madness and a lot more. I rhink i have about ten games. Its hard to get retro games

PC Gamepads Infograph

PC Gamepads Infograph

A chart I made of quality PC compatible controllers. Most newer console gamepads work with Windows, some may require third party softwar.

Mario Forever (well he's been around for about 30 years)

The Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

Super Mario Nintendo game that has changed drastically over the years visually as seen here.

Lost in Videogames by Matteo Cuccato.

Lost in Video Games by- Matteo Cuccato

Trico The Last Guardian - Plunge by Zyden on DeviantArt

I'm so scared of heights and this game made my palms sweat. Trico The Last Guardian - Plunge

no more life only games its what i do to shred time its amazing                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Running From Reality

Funny pictures about Escape Reality. Oh, and cool pics about Escape Reality. Also, Escape Reality.