Love the old quilts that are somewhat faded and show that they were used and loved.

I love vintage quilt stands too…you can just get a peek at this one, it& a painted “spool” style, my favorite kind, and yellow (!

Vintage Quilts

Vintage Quilt - Feed Sack Fabrics Love these materials from feed sacks,sugar sacks and flour sacks. Depression quilting at its best.

wild & goosey quilt pattern | this vintage quilt with the color placement reversed though this quilt ...

Vintage early century Wild Goose Chase quilt at Patalier- known as a cheddar quilt due to the color of yellow-orange.

Vintage Handmade 1930s Triple Irish Chain Quilt Postage Stamp Feedsack Antique

Vintage Handmade Triple Irish Chain Quilt Postage Stamp Feedsack Antique - Would be a great pattern for scap fabrics.


Simple but lovely with vintage-ish prints. nine patch with binding by penelope waits, possibly bad link, just for picture.

Do you have a collection of vintage hankies and you aren’t quite sure what to do with them? Maybe they’ve been sitting in a basket because you hate the thought of cutting them?  It&#821…

Star Light Star Bright Quilt Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt Little Joys for Little Ones Milk Cow Kitchen Table Topper Christmas…

Lone Star Mercantile: April 2010

simple construction, could look very different in modern bright fabrics, but I like the antique look (Pic only) Lone Star Mercantile: April 2010

THE QUILT BARN: Vintage Quilt Thursday: 6 Pointed Star

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Vintage Quilt Top with 6 Point Stars in Circle or Tumbling Blocks: Reminds me of my Grandmother's quilts & the old wooden quilt rack she used while creating.


Vintage 30s FARMHOUSE Cottage Feedsack Broken Dishes QUILT Pastel Peach Green