Visual identity for Paperplane on Behance - created via

Bag Pop Socket, Mug Scissors (specific layout design) Mug Flash/ thumb drive (specific layout design) Writing utensils (specific layout design) for HR Designs

Gravy | Creative Studio

STATIONARY DESIGN- I REALLY like this. It is fun and cohesive. I like that the curvy line can stand alone, and is a distinct part of the brand.

Identidade visual da agência Edka, de Barcelona, projetada por Vio Pintilie. #identify #branding #logodesign                                                                                           Mais

Visual Identity and Branding Series : Edka Digital

Colorful, geometric logo design for Edka Digital. The branding and corporate identity are eye-catching in this graphic design by Vio Pintilie and Camil Blanaru.

Hartford Dry Cleaners - Visual Identity + Website on Behance... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Hartford Dry Cleaners - Visual Identity + Website on Behance. - a grouped images picture - branding design Pin Them All

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week branding by Sarita Walsh

Designed at Landor SydneyWe were asked to create an identity for Melbourne’s ‘Premier Events’ (e. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne Music Week, etc) that would promote the city’s events, whilst giving recognition to its owner and manager, the ‘…