Von Miller (glasses)

Von Miller is a visionary with his style — even if the outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos can barely see.

Von Miller fires up Broncos' defense for Super Bowl 50 | Newsday

Glauber: Von Miller fires up Broncos’ ‘D’

Super Bowl MVP and loveable Ag, Von Miller, makes all Aggies smile with this article!

Von Miller, Super Bowl 50 MVP, agrees that nerds rule. Football geek is très chic! Read more about Miller's back story on why he's a self-proclaimed nerd.

Von Miller: Farting Could Be Expensive; ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Taxes Him - http://www.movienewsguide.com/von-miller-farting-expensive-dancing-stars-partner-taxes/185316

Von Miller: Farting Could Be Expensive; ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Taxes Him

Von Miller takes on Greg Olsen in Madden Charity Challenge

Though Von Miller fell to the Panthers' Greg Olsen in the Madden Charity Challenge, he had a blast representing Von's Vision. (photos by Ben Swanson)

Sports stars: Rivals Von Miller (L) and Antonio Brown are two more footballers who are part of the cast

Dancing With the Stars cast revealed

The cast of Dancing With the Stars was revealed on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Von Miller - Toughest RB: Chris Ivory - http://www.truesportsfan.com/von-miller-toughest-rb-chris-ivory/

Von Miller - Toughest RB: Chris Ivory

In Fashion: Von Miller's top 10 looks of 2015

Von Miller's fashion is almost as famous as his ferocious play on the field. Check out some of his best-dressed days from the 2015 season.

HBD Von Miller March 26th 1989: age 26

Von Miller Photos Photos: ESPN The Party - Arrivals

Von Miller Photos - NFL player Von Miller attends ESPN the Party at WestWorld of Scottsdale on January 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona. - ESPN The Party - Arrivals

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller takes the day off from practice on Day 4 of

Von Miller 'not throwing confetti' over release from drug program

Miller shared some, umm, unique insight on why he chose A&M over LSU