Planting Rose cutting w/ potato

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes

a pinner said.Growing rose cuttings with potatoes. The other day, I read you can propagate roses by sticking rose cuttings in potatoes, and then sticking them in the ground. I decided to try it out using my rose bush, which is blooming like crazy

Gifts For Teens | POPSUGAR Moms

The Best 2017 Gifts For Teens

undertale, papyrus, sans, undyne

I just want him to open his mouth and for him to sound like the Turkish man yelling meow at an egg

Awesome alarm clocks…#funny #lol #lolzonline

Awesome alarm clocks… I wish that the clock that when choked, there'll be sound of a breaking neck.

I wonder if this will work on my virtually-impossible-to-curl hair.

10 DIY No Heat Curls [TUTORIALS

No heat curls. I have tried a few of the no heat curls. This is the only one that works for my hair.

4-panel-life comics - Album on Imgur

4-panel-life comics

2014 Wakeboard Boats | wakeboard boat review

Air n Drive is to book a privately owned boat rental online. You can also list your boat rentals for free and let customers book it. Book it for daily, weekly or monthly.


Goodnight Me, By Tony Stark

Because I know Pablo would appreciate this version of Goodnight Moon. ----Goodnight Iron Man<<< I would so read this to my kids. Favourite kids book and one of my favourite avengers.

The Walking Dead Vintage Necklace! Click The Image To Buy It Now or Tag Someone You Want To Buy This For.  #TheWalkingDead

Get this The Walking Dead Charms Pendant Necklace and let the world know you're a TWD fan! The charms feature a lantern, binoculars, hatchet, pistol, sherriff's

Must-have AFFORDABLE eyeshadow palettes that you NEED in your stash - blogger makeup faves!

Must-have AFFORDABLE eyeshadow palettes that you NEED in your stash - blogger makeup faves!

Waking up in the morning for work, school, or any other reason usually isn't an enjoyable task (unless you're going on vacation, etc.), but these unusual (yet real) alarm clocks aim to make it a bit more interesting.

People who needs alarms like these must REALLY have a hard time waking up in the morning.some of these are awesome!